Family law

"And that is why marriage and family law has emphasized the importance of marriage as the foundation of family, addressing the needs of children in the most positive way."-John Boehner

At TKP Law, our motto is to “achieve the best outcome for our client, with a children’s best interest being of paramount importance”. TKP Law specializes in several areas of family law, ranging from child custody applications, divorce proceedings, to prohibition orders.

We believe that every family should have a right to fair and just legal settlements. With that belief, we strive to protect both our client’s legal and emotional needs. We understand the stress that comes with divorce and custody proceedings; we are here to help reach the best solution for you and your family, as best and quickly as possible.

Our family law team is well-versed with the rights of the child and are passionate on protecting every child of the family. Our legal team is also qualified and trained in areas relating to child witnesses and strive to provide a balance between the legal and practical needs of every individual client.

At TKP Law, we provide the following services on Family Law matters:-

At TKP Law we specialize in the following Family Law practice areas: -

  • Joint Divorce Proceedings
  • Single Divorce Proceedings
  • Joint Custody Applications
  • Full Custody Applications
  • Interim Injunctions
  • Arrangements for Children
  • Applications for Ancillary Relief
  • Family Settlement or Transfer of Property
  • Applications for Child Maintenance
  • Prohibition Orders