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Criminal Law

“The Law creates rights by creating a crime.” -Jeremy Bentham

At TKP Law, we strongly believe in the principle of natural justice; that all men must be heard as to his side of the coin irrespective of how unpopular he is. We take serious attention to the details of each case and provide our clients with their entitled defenses provided by law and most importantly, having his voice heard.

Whilst we appreciate the various demographics of our client in terms of criminal liabilities; through our combined expertise, knowledge and vast research, we can cater to each of our client’s needs. We have the expertise to conduct proceedings related to both white and blue-collared offences.

The unique advantage of TKP Law is in having the merger of both civil and company litigation with that of criminal litigation. This mash-up has been an important factor for us in conducting criminal proceedings that demands the appreciation of voluminous documents and when there is a need to understand the intricacies of civil proceedings.

At TKP Law, we specialize in the following areas of Criminal Law:-

  • Penal Code Offences
  • Dangerous Drugs Act Offences
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Offences
  • Immigration Offences
  • Commercial Crime
  • SOSMA Offences
  • POCA Offences
  • AMLA Offences
  • Security Offences
  • Tax and Customs Offences
  • Companies Commission of Malaysia related Offences
  • Security Commissioner Offences
  • Habeas Corpus Applications