About Us

On 3.10.2016, Calvin Khoo and James Joshua Paulraj (formerly practicing under the name and style of Messrs. Thomazios, Khoo & Paulraj), through a merger with P. Taneswaran (formerly practicing under the name and style of Messrs. Tanes & Co) formed TKP Law.


The vision and the passion that culminated in the creation of TKP Law was the belief that there is never a dream too big to be achieved. This forms the underlying concept and belief when TKP Law provides legal services to our clients’; that is to offer the best and most diligent legal services that a legal practitioner can offer.

The work of the firm ranges from drafting, negotiating and structuring corporate matters which includes corporate advisory and restructuring and land conveyancing to general civil litigation in areas such as corporate disputes, banking, libel and slander, employment/industrial law, contract law, commercial disputes, construction disputes, insurance claims, land acquisition, land law related matters, aviation, medical negligence, and many more.

TKP Law also handles criminal litigation, including but not limited to death penalty offences.

At TKP Law, we comprehend and take heed that the role of a lawyer in every matter handled is to ensure smooth facilitation of the needs and concerns of its clients as well as ensuring that the protection of our clients’ legal interests is of utmost importance. Over and above this, our primary objective is to always ensure a proper understanding of our clients’ needs and the framework of its business, which enables us to provide accurate and efficient advice to resolve the matters at hand and cater for long term solutions.

As a firm, we passionately strive to achieve excellence and perfection in the quality of our service. Being a humble young firm, we take pride in ensuring that quality and efficient legal services are accessible to the public at large.

Understanding our clients’ needs and nature of business allows us to provide practical and economical solutions to resolve matters at hand. Lastly we are strong believers of the notion that commercial, ethical and professional integrity are the fundamental characteristics of an Advocate and Solicitor.